Why with DACHBAU?

Philosophie und die Werte

What is our philosophy, or why can we be the right ones for you?

Look at the values on which DACHBAU s.r.o. stands, and judge for yourself whether they resonate with your desired solution:


The right ecological solutions can also be advantageous economically, from the point of view of investment profitability. By saving nature, we also save our own resources. The positive effects thus result not only from the functional, useful and aesthetic solution of the roof, but also from a financial viewpoint, when the return on invested funds works almost immediately. At the same time, the pressure on the green construction of roofs and buildings will increase, as well as the possibility of subsidy opportunities.


Green roofs are a tool for keeping the living climate at a tolerable level, and also the future for us, but especially for the next generation. Ecological solutions make possible not to waste energy resources, e.g. in the heating or cooling of buildings, to use and recycle water resources, and to contribute to the natural balance in the countryside and cities by creating new biotopes.


The aesthetic and functional aspects of modern and self-confident green roofs and facades are based on natural solutions that have been proven by craftsmanship over time. We find a symbiosis between the natural and the technologically created, while taking into account the needs, wishes and ideas of like-minded customers.


We do not want to be only passive recipients of innovative solutions. We are ready to contribute new impulses in this construction segment, which we develop with each unique project. We can innovatively focus on detail and the whole, and at the same time on all related economic and ecological impacts.


We use high-quality materials and technologies for our jobs, which are permanent and have a minimal impact on the environment. When selecting and processing products, we pay attention to ecological aspects and use proven European manufacturers. Last but not least, we ensure that the generated waste is further recycled or processed by competent entities.


We are happy to provide and receive cooperation on our projects, because this is the only way we can achieve the best results. At the same time, we transfer know-how and innovations into reality through discussions with professionals from various institutions and the professional public.


We invest our time and financial resources in new insights and perspectives on individual segments and complex product outputs in our field. We devote ourselves to the analysis of markets, materials, technological procedures and trends in the given areas and we systematically learn from our partners, customers and with each subsequent project.

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