Quality care

From time to time even "green" roofs, walls and facades need a certain amount of care, so they can serve long-term and without problems. Quality maintenance is therefore an important part of protecting your primary investment.

Its difficulty depends on the purpose of the given roof, properties of the materials used, technical design, installed systems and elements, design, but also the possible selection of plants that are used on the roof or facade. E.g. from virtually maintenance-free succulents to a more demanding ornamental garden.

The time and financial costs and the necessary know-how and skills thus differ from individual types of maintenance.

From the usual one, which focuses on the removal of impurities in roof drainage systems, or the addition of substrate and new plants, through the inspection of the structure and waterproofing and insulation materials, to the plumbing inspection and revision/technical activity of the installed elements.

We offer not only warranty and post-warranty service, but also maintenance work of this type.