About the company

Vision of the company

The vision of a small, developing company from the Karlovy Vary region, but with extensive experience from a variety of projects, is to become a Central European trusted partner for customers who are looking for environmentally friendly, financially profitable, design and innovation of roofs or facades, so that their real estate literally makes them happy, and not only from the functionally aesthetic green space.

Establishment of DACHBAU s.r.o. (4/2022) meant the realization of a matter of the heart, how to help keep the environment in better shape through small projects and changes; the world of places within ecology more stable, and how to "give back” to society and to the planet

At the same time, it was a logical step, the article of the corporate cluster was missing, as from a subcontractor, a contractor between:

• training craftsmen, especially in the area of roof waterproofing;

• a specialist implementation company for assembly work;

• specialized plumbing and heating works;

to become an independent implementer and supplier of "green" ecological roofs.

We used the potential offered by connecting all of our available resources, ‚know-how‘ and experience from orders from the Czech and foreign markets. The primary goals do not follow purely economic profit, but are the results of enthusiasm for ecological solutions and a learning company.

That's why we approach each project with a determination to find the most optimal solutions given the conditions. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to consulting your order.